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A dive club is more than just a gathering of diving enthusiasts planning their next underwater adventure during every meeting. While all clubs may have a few of these exceptional individuals, the majority of our members are surprisingly ordinary people. Some members have a strong passion for diving, while others simply enjoy having fun. Most clubs strike a pleasant and comfortable balance between these types. Belonging to a dive club will undoubtedly provide you with numerous benefits. Why not embark on your journey with us?

Here, you'll find an assortment of core events that we regularly organize. As a scuba club, we keep ourselves engaged in the water but also arrange several topside activities. While our primary focus is on scuba diving, we also take pleasure in spending time together outside the water.

Club meetings

The club holds a monthly meeting on the third Wednesday of every month. Each meeting features informative speakers, sometimes even top authorities in their respective fields, accompanied by multimedia presentations. Some of the past topics have included spearfishing, the Underwater Search and Rescue Unit, local dive boats, the Catalina hyperbaric chamber, Shark Stewards, Channel Islands Expeditions, and much more.  Would you like to explore a bit more, then we recommend you visit the newsletter archive. Our newsletter archive is a treasure trove of knowledge, just waiting to be explored by curious visitors and long-time members alike.

Beach dives

Some fantastic dive sites can be found just off our So Cal shores, creating amazing diving opportunities right at our doorstep. There's no need to hassle with arranging a boat. You can hit some spots at night, after work, or on the weekend. Plus, our club members are well familiar with these spots, so come on in and find a dive buddy.

Scuba Trips

Dive into savings as we negotiate discounted rates for our members. Traveling together in a group allows the club to reel in exceptional deals, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck. Dive in and dive smart with us! The club organizes at least one trip abroad annually, and hearing about other members’ experiences can provide inspiration for your own scuba travel.

Local boat dives

Explore Diving in the Vicinity. Experience Dives at Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Catalina, Santa Barbara, San Miguel, and San Clemente Islands. We maintain a strong and enduring partnership with our cherished local dive boats. The club consistently organizes dives on nearby vessels, including the Spector, Peace, Giant Stride, and others. Additionally, we secure reduced rates from our sponsors.

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