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Joe Razo

Joe has had interests in the outdoors and the oceans from an early age. Surfing, camping, fishing and early on free diving. Then as a certified scuba diver Joe increased his personal discoveries in the outdoors and underwater world. Growing up in Santa Barbara, California allowed access to these recreational sites that would become passions. Initially in his diving experience, the focus was based around underwater hunting activities.


As the diving adventures progressed, underwater photography became a skill to try to learn. The interest in underwater photography has led Joe to some amazing locations and people. The photo images are an excellent way to relive the experiences and share with others. The beauty of the mountains and nature’s wildlife led Joe to off-roading and 4-wheel drive activities to further enjoy and experience access to the wild places.


Joe received his basic NAUI certification in 1968. The interest in diving grew to include training in advanced courses including Nitrox, mixed gas blender, Trimix Technical Diver, CCR Rebreather Diver, wreck diver as well as Dive Master. The diving experience evolved to include for a period of time, beginning in 1977, working in the commercial oilfield diving industry in the Gulf of Mexico, based out of Freeport Texas. The commercial oilfield diver training included, surface supplied diving, mixed gas diving, diving bell operations, recompression chamber operations and saturation diving operations. Joe has been a CID club member since early in the 2000’s, he has also served as membership coordinator.

Joe Razo will share the overlanding adventure, camping and exploring the Baja Peninsula. The site locations were accessed via off-roading to the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Coasts from the main highways. When the sites are reached, camp sites were set up. The locations were explored by hiking, kayaking, snorkeling / free diving and using a 4-wheel quad to access the distant off-road sites.


Joe Razo and Terri Scarpino

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